sign installation

Safe Installation

When it comes to installation, Reade Signs has the experience to ensure that every sign is erected safely, securely and will stand the test of time. You can even view an installation remotely through our pictorial database; whenever we install a sign at your site, we take a full photographic record. That means you have access to digital copies of all the installations we do for you, providing an easy way to ensure a consistency of look across many sites or to order identical signage for your next project.

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Survey Service

As part of any large-scale signage project, Reade Signs conducts a full survey of your location to ensure that the final design fits the characteristics of both landscape and purpose.

Using the results of the survey, we’ll use our advanced digital technology to produce a virtual representation of your site. We then superimpose the proposed signage to allow you to see in advance how the installation will look.

On Site

When it’s time to install your signage, Reade Signs manages the whole process. Our extensive knowledge of materials, allied to our experience of installing signs in many different environments, means that we ensure everything is taken care of from the point of view of safety and durability.

Whether our team are on a muddy construction site or the deep pile carpet of your corporate headquarters; professionalism, safety and co-operation are our watch words. And when it’s time for your signs to come down, we can manage that too.


We don’t stop at installation; you’ll find that our after-sales service is simply a continuation of the quality service we offer through the life of any project. We’re a phone call away when you need changes to a sign urgently or vandalism has caused damage to an installation.

As part of our service, we also undertake to ensure that, when the time comes to remove your signage, we dispose of material in accordance with environmental regulations and best-practice. You can rest assured that any inks we use in creating your signage are also removed from our works with equal care.


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