Reade Signs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dibond is an aluminum composite sheet used for making advertising signs and hoardings. It weathers very well given its aluminium composition. Generally it is 3mm thick including the polythene core. Aluminium Dibond is also often referred to as Dilite, ACP which is aluminium composite panel or ACM which is aluminium composite material and ACS which is aluminium composite sheet.   

Diabond is a misspelling of Dibond! Dibond is aluminium composite sheet used for signage. 

Hoarding branding is the process of producing branded hoarding for construction sites. Hoarding branding follows a process of design, printing and installation. When branding hoarding, the design is typically printed directly on the Dibond (ACM). It is then transported to site and fitted to pre-built ply hoarding.

All building sites use hoarding to secure the sites from trespass and as a health and safety measure to keep the public out of potentially dangerous construction processes. Additionally it presents a very important marketing opportunity, when you consider the level of footfall past most developments; it does the job of educating and attracting potential customers way before the development is complete and marketed by your chosen property marketing agency or for selling off plan. 

One of the best ways to sell new build property and residential developments off plan is to utilise branded and designed hoarding to its full potential. Marketing developments before construction is complete presents the perfect opportunity to build up interest and a sales pipeline.


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