4 Different Types of Hoardings that are Commonly Used

printed hoardings


Hoarding designs are generally printed on ACM (sometimes known as Dibond) panels, which are affixed to the plywood hoarding itself. This is an effective promotional technique where a business can advertise to a mass audience with relatively little effort and maintenance. As hoardings are required for safety purposes anyway, it makes sense to utilise the extensive meterage for marketing too, particularly if you’re keen to sell property off-plan. Using printed hoardings helps to convey messaging without resorting to personalised, hyper-targeted advertising strategies, which can be more costly and come into play later in the sales journey.

If you work with an expert partner, hoardingscan be so much more than powerful advertisements. They also enhance the sense of professionalism and the company’s brand value with site staff, as well-designed hoarding simply makes sites look great.

Light-up signs or LEDs can be used along with the printed hoardings to make the hoardings stand out by night.

Generally, you might find these 4 common hoardings in and around the property.

What are The Different Types of Printed Hoardings?

Construction Hoarding

Surrounding construction sites,these hoardings generally include promotional content, including visualisations of the completed site, who the development is targeted at (E.G. retirement community, family plot) and even recruitment ads for the developers. With such high footfall around many construction sites, it’s an unmissable marketing opportunity for the new development.

Event Hoarding

Event hoardings are commonly found outside or around office buildings or event venues. These custom signs can be installed at any place where an event is taking place. They can also serve as a wayfinding solution, particularly useful at huge venues such as the NEC.

Development Hoardings

The role of developmenthoardings is to promote new developments and hopefully generate off-plan interest. These hoardings are put up to inform potential buyers about the development and enhance brand messaging. They are commonly found adjacent to pathways and busy traffic zones where most people can view them. 3D signs are sometimes used on printed hoardings to garner increased attention.

Retail Hoardings

This type of hoarding is mostly found near retail stores and shopping centres. They may be used for cosmetics, garments or FMCG product promotions. These hoardings are also used as indoor signs to encourage impulse purchases.

Approach Reade Signs for flexible and customised printed hoardings. We can design, produce and install hoardings that exceed your expectations. Check our website for further information.

Top Reasons Why Advertising Signs are Important for Your Business

advertising signs

Brand promotion is a necessary marketing method put a business in front of an increased customer base. Every business tries to create a prominent brand image for better acceptance and reputation. A business can choose several ways to promote them among its prospects.

Signs in Detail

One of the most effective forms of promoting a brand is advertisement signage. It is an outdoor marketing technique that is popular among different brands. Building a brand image and brand identity becomes easier with effective signage.

Reasons to Consider Advertising Signs for Business

A business with advertising signs gets an edge over its competitors. In this blog, you can find out why signs are important for different types of brands.

  • It builds brand identity: The ultimate target of a business is to put its name in front of the highest number of consumers. This work can be easily done by an advertising sign. A greater view of the sign assures a better brand identity. It will be easier for your business to affect the choices and purchase decisions of the consumers.
  • Better communication: Advertisement signs are regarded as a transparent mode of communication. It is noticeable, creative and explains the message in a few words. A creative approach and research are needed for an effective sign. A sign can be considered a unique point of contact that does more than inform the masses.
  • It improves sale opportunities: Advertisement signs play a large role in impulse purchases. This form of purchase is much more popular than planned purchases. A sign placed with the right message at the right place affects the purchase decision of a buyer. As a result, it becomes a driving force for better sales.
  • Signs are cost-effective: Businesses spend a large amount of time and money devising a marketing strategy. Allotting the budget for signs is important in the planning stage. Putting up signs means it is available for viewing at any time of the day. Signs are proven to improve brand recognition. It is an important tool for a long-lasting impression as well.

These are some important factors that state the importance of signs. Placing advertisement signs in the right place can enhance better business communication.

If you are looking for assistance in creating advertising signs, you can rely on Reade Signs. Our experienced team of experts have worked in various marketing campaigns. You can rely on us for effective assistance, from idea generation to installation.

Benefits of Architectural Signage

architectural signage

Architectural signage is a bespoke signage solution, through which brands are strengthened. Companies using this visual source of promotion are able to elevate their brand image, highlight corporate messaging, and raise awareness around the products and services offered. They are generally professionally manufactured using advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, along with high-quality materials, to increase the aesthetic appeal of the signage.

However, the success of the architectural signage depends on the creative mindset, approach and experience of the architectural signage manufacturer. You can opt for either 2D visually enhancing signage or breath taking 3D signage. Many businesses use architectural signage. How is one piece of signage different from another? When the signage is prepared according to the company or product requirements, beautifully designed and engineered from concept to installation, by a signage business that ‘gets it’, you really will stand out.

Sometimes an ordinary signboard is not enough to satisfy your requirements. For such times, architectural signage is the best option.

3 Advantages of Using Architectural Signage for Business Purposes

Visual Stimulation and Branding

Companies generally use several effective ways to attract the attention of customers. Visual stimulation is one such process that helps attract a huge number of customers. Architectural signage can help you in this venture. With the help of attractive company logos, bold and colourful fonts and vibrant pictures, you can make your message visible to the huge customer segment of your product. Thus with the help of architectural signage, you can easily increase the brand value of your company. Remember to design the signage effectively to maximise this.

Increases Company Recall Value

Architectural signage acts as a way-finder for every business. They form a trigger point that helps increase the brand recall value of the company in the mind of the potential customer segment. Suppose the customers are having difficulty finding the location of a company or are unaware of the product line of a particular company. Architectural signage will greatly aid with this.

Increases Sales and Productivity

Creative and informative architectural signage can help increase the company’s sales volumes. Whether consciously or subconsciously, people will eventually remember and recognise the brand and when they are prompted by the signage, it will have a positive impact on them. If you find something attractive, you will think of giving it a try. Signage is an attractive representation of the company’s image. Many people purchase goods from shops with attractive architectural signage hanging outside; at the very least, a positive brand image will get them through the door.

For good quality and creative architectural signage solutions that can help boost your business, approach the experts at Reade Signs. We have the perfect blend of creativity, experience and expertise to manufacture custom architectural signage for you.

Our new fleet of vehicles hit the road

November has been an exciting month here at Reade Signs with the addition of 5 new vans added to our fleet of install vehicles. The new fleet features three large white Peugeot Boxers, chosen for their greater payload and fuel efficiency. Two smaller black Ford Transit Customs have also been added to complement our architectural division, specifically chosen for smaller installs and reduced parking bays in city centres. 

“My team are delighted with the new vans, especially as they look so professional with full company branding. Reliability is key for my team when they’re travelling long distances in all weather and with greater fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions, they also help us to reduce our impact on the environment.”
Paul Toms – Install Manager

Meridian One, Enfield, North London


A large hoarding project of which initially took three days to survey due to the sheer size of ground covered. On site meetings with client and design agency followed to provide insight into approach, production and installation.   

The results are fabulous and the clients branding certainly brings life and vibrancy to the large-scale hoarding.  

✔️ Just over 370 linear meters of printed ACM hoarding 
✔️ 225 linear meters of painted hoarding with applied graphics on top
✔️ 2x large free standing gantry signs set behind and above the hoarding

“Being in close proximity to the train line both gantries had to be structurally calculated by engineers and were installed during challenging site conditions. Upmost accuracy and attention to detail ensured the project was delivered without a hitch..”

Matt Seddon – Reade Signs Senior Account Manager

Optically Clear – a step further with printable film technology 

Optically Clear is a fantastic new material that we at Reade are really enjoying working with. From print to application through to the longevity of the products performance, Optically Clear is at the front of our manifestation arsenal.   

“Optically Clear has enabled multi layered designs to be applied to glass in a single piece, whereas traditionally you would have several layers of vinyl.

Lower grade vinyls are prone to milkiness and can have a rippled finish once applied. Our optically clear vinyl is true to its name and completely transparent, plus being printable means even the tiniest details can be captured.”

Project Development Manager – Charlie Harcup

Product design and photography by Stella Corrall of Lucentia Design

Further product information: 

UV and eco-solvent printable film for glass decoration 

Ideal for corporate branding, privacy, decoration, manifestation and safety, our architectural printable glazing film makes the design appear part of the glass, to stunning effect. 

Bring brighter colour, higher definition and incredible detail to displays. Explore clarity and translucency with subtle vignettes for privacy graphics and create dazzling visual effects as light passes through the printed image. Printing white and metallic ink with process colour can add further depth and solidity to the imagery. 

A high specification self-adhesive coating means the film is as temporary or as permanent as you need it to be. Easy to install in situ, it is also quick and clean to remove. 

  • Made from environmentally friendly PVC-free materials 
  • Hard coated UV printable option for improved scratch resistance and durability over time and cleaning 
  • High chemical resistance  
  • EN13501 B-s1, d0 fire rating 

If you would like to discuss a future project or the features of Optically Clear, you can contact Charlie on [email protected]

Longacre School cast bronze floor plaque

Fantastic to see the cast bronze floor plaque we supplied to Longacre School now installed. Weyside Architects Ltd. commissioned us to design the plaque from the school logo.

As you can imagine from looking at the sign, both the school and architects were delighted with the result. The schools logo is now set into a new “soft” tarmac pathway as part of Longacre’s ongoing refurbishment programme.

The delivery on this job has led to Weyside approaching us for advice on customising other bespoke signage for the school. It’s always fulfilling to manufacture and install signage in an environment which nurtures the next generation of artists and industry architects.

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Property hoarding with an abundance of features

Elephant Park – London 

As a trusted supplier to this client, Reade Signs were approached to deliver a hoarding that has the most unique features (per sqm) of any other within the London Area. The hoarding artwork itself was completed as a vinyl and has an abundance of different lighting and material features, such as:
– Built up lightboxes
– Faux Neon LED light rope
– Real timber slatting
– Mirror effect acrylic
– Metallic vinyls

Client feedback was fantastic and they were particularly grateful to the team for making what seemed a vast undertaking, to being a smooth and effortless process.

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Flexface lightbox for Yapton marketing suite

This week we were working in partnership with Phaeon Marketing which saw us install a mitred flexface lightbox at Dandara in Yapton. As you can see the result looks fantastic, especially in the Great British sunshine.

The marketing suite lightbox is fitted with a day/night blackout skin which was liquid laminated to provide a strong long-lasting visual effect. The fascia is aesthetically pleasing, especially when lit from dusk as the text and pattern illuminate whilst the blue background remains dark as blocked out from behind.   

Installation was smooth with the site survey delivering accurate measurements down to the millimetre, which enabled ease of fitting right next to temporary site scaffolding.  

If you’re looking for signage that’s unique or ergonomically engineered to fit your environment, get in touch with one of our sign consultants today. 

01252 336000 | [email protected] 


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