Here East

Here East is a new campus on the site of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London, home to innovative tech companies, entrepreneurial start-ups and creative thinkers.

We worked closely with designers DN&Co to bring their striking wayfinding concept to life across the vast (1,200,000 sq ft) estate.

The large graphics were produced on self-coloured matt orange vinyl and applied by our expert install teams to a multitude of surfaces including the floor.

The scheme was awarded the Merit Award from SEDG (Society for Experiential Graphic Design) in 2018, with these comments by the Jury.

A simple bold highly unified and functional system integrated into the culture of the building’s users, this identifies a unique way for new visitors to learn about the various electronic symbols used to navigate the building.

I applaud the use of electronic circuit language to not only lead through the building but to also teach about various electronic symbols. Its bold single-color simplicity is visually captivating with quirky and sweet moments throughout.
(Source SEDG)


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