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When you have a big signage or wayfinding project to commission and deliver, you want to be sure that you’re working with a trustworthy and reliable partner. To put your mind at rest, we’ve put together the answers to some frequently asked questions to explain a little more about the Reade Signs background, approach and quality of service:

Is Reade Signs a reliable company?

Reade Signs is a family-run company, established in 1980 and ever since we were established by Andy Reade, we’ve built a reputation on trust and expertise. We handle a lot of work in-house for maximum accountability and to ensure quality and we’ve grown a team with great skills, experience and technological knowledge. We also have a network of reliable, creative and specialist suppliers who we’ve worked with for years. We’re trusted by many leading UK businesses to get the job finished, safely and to a high standard. You can see some of our client testimonials here.

Can you deliver innovative large-scale branding?

Yes – we’re expert at taking 2D designs and recreating them in large-format, 3D installations that are creative and innovative. Our team of talented designers helps bring brands to life; whether it’s for a one-off bespoke signage project, or for a nationwide network of new housing marketing suites.

We bring a deep understanding of target audience markets to every project, selecting the most suitable materials to get your company noticed. Often clients have an idea about what they’d like, but a limited budget – so we can draw on our expertise of different materials to deliver the same look and feel using lower cost materials. Similarly, some high-end builds require a high-end, premium finish, so we select the highest quality materials to support luxury brands.

I have my own creative team – can they work with Reade Signs?

Of course – we have our own in-house studio, but our project managers also often work directly with a client’s own team. We work collaboratively with property developers, construction companies, architects, creative agencies and design consultants to ensure every project is completed successfully.

What’s the lead-time to produce and install a sign?

At Reade Signs we have a dedicated in-house team who will take you through the necessary planning, design, manufacture and installation processes. We help you meet your deadline without compromising our standards of work or service. We’re experienced at taking on projects with short lead-in times, requiring speed, responsiveness and flexibility to deliver.

Typical lead times vary depending on the complexity of the project. A small hoarding project could be turned around in a few days and more complex projects – such as fabricated letters or wayfinding signage – could be anything from two to four weeks.

Some signage projects will require planning permission, so we’ll also allow for that, and we can even apply for permission on your behalf.

I want the whole project management headache taken away. Can you handle everything?

Yes. For every project, you will have a specific person to deal with. We act as specialist strategic partners from concept development to installation and aftercare. We offer an end-to-end service for a complete solution, but we also believe in a consultative approach so that you stay fully in the picture at every stage. Consider the headache gone!

What is your proofing process?

We always create a proof in PDF format for client approval before we start manufacturing any signage. These are drawings that contain all dimensions, materials and sometimes an annotated image of the installation location. They are the result of a site visit, surveying, 2D and 3D modelling to ensure we fully understand your intentions. Once approved, our project managers issue the job to our factory or suppliers.

Do you have your own installers?

We have our own dedicated installation team, with a wealth of experience in coming up with imaginative solutions to site specific problems. Our installers are all fully trained in health and safety requirements on site. We have a rigorous approval process for subcontractors and for specialist installations, such as our abseil team, who specialise in working at height.

All our installers are qualified to work near traffic, with all the vehicles and equipment they need to get the job completed safely and to a high standard.

What if my signage requirements change?

Projects often change along the way and if you need additional signage, we have the flexibility to respond.

Even the highest quality materials can eventually become damaged, worn or out-of-date. We continue to support you by replacing signage if necessary. We also take down signage at the end of its life, disposing of all material in accordance with environmental regulations and best practice.

How do you assure quality?

We are ISO 9001 certified and have a robust quality assurance system.

You will get to sign off each stage of the process so that we know you are completely satisfied with progress and we are confident in our understanding of the brief.

We produce a large amount in-house and we regularly invest in state-of-the-art printing facilities. Our printer uses powerful LED technology to meet growing demands for higher quality and quick turnaround, as well as higher resolution and multilayer printing. This allows us to further increase the quality of our production and be more competitive.

How can I be sure our signage complies with health and safety regulations?

Health and safety is paramount; our technical teams conduct thorough site visits and surveys to ensure that the ground or supporting buildings can carry your signage. To demonstrate our commitment, we employ a specialist health and safety consultant and undertake accreditation relevant to our industry for your peace of mind. We can also provide structural calculations and design certification for signage that needs it.

All our signage conforms to British Standard BS559 and is fit for purpose. We only use the correct installation processes and access equipment and will always recommend the safest installation methods.

Each project will have a site specific risk assessment and method statement for you to approve before work starts. This is also read and signed by the installation team, so they are fully aware of their responsibilities.

How do I know I’m getting value for money as well as high quality signage and wayfinding solutions?

We believe our reputation and long-term client relationships illustrate the value and quality we offer clients. We price competitively and deliver on time and budget. Our team will always suggest more cost-effective material or production method if they are available and we feel it meets the brief.

What accreditations do you have?

Our goal is to provide the highest standard of products and services. A key aspect of this pledge is our approach to health and safety and we take this very seriously. To ensure we can operate at the level we aspire to, we continually upgrade our technology and invest in staff training. See our accreditations.

Where is Reade Signs based?

Our offices and factory is based in Hampshire – you can take a virtual tour here.

Do you supply all over the UK?

Yes, we have teams that deliver and install all over the UK.

Do you have design capabilities?

We have our own studio team who have large-format design and artwork experience and have the technical expertise needed to bring your brand and messages to life.

What format do I need to send artwork in?

We need high resolution PDF or an Illustrator file.

Do you perform structural calculations?

Yes, we use a qualified structural engineer.

Do you conduct site surveys?

As part of any large-scale signage project, we conduct a full survey of the location to ensure the final design fits the landscape and purpose. We then create a virtual representation and superimpose the signage or hoarding, so you can see how it will look once installed.

How do you project manage the installation process?

You will work directly with one of our project managers, who will also liaise with our studio or external designers, our factory, all other suppliers and specialist installers to ensure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Can you tell me how you would work with us through all the changes in the life of our housing development?

As your development moves through different stages of the build, it’s important to keep signage fresh and engaging. Signposting milestones like: site acquired, coming soon or plots reserved will engage the community from the outset. We can also help you to regularly update messages using bold colour changes to announce new phases. In the event of damage, we can refresh any signage.

What are the Reade Signs Terms and Conditions?

These can be read in full by following this link –

What is the Reade Signs Privacy Policy?

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