Creative Construction Hoarding Ideas

construction hoarding

Construction hoarding is an unmissable opportunity to market any new development. Well-designed and produced construction hoarding will be eye-catching, informative, and incredibly powerful for your brand image.

About Construction Hoarding

The best way to generate interest and excitement amongst your prospective customers is with hoarding utilising expert graphic design,high quality production and proven property marketing knowledge.

Different Approaches to Designing Construction Hoarding

The approaches to designing construction hoarding vary. Whether we produce construction hoarding for agencies, or directly for our clients, we understand the purpose of the hoarding and thus tailor or approach accordingly.

  • Residential or commercial property: Impactful graphics are essential when you create hoardings for property developers. The visuals should not be cluttered, yet still need to be striking. The brand name and logo need to be prominent, and all brand guidelines need to be tightly adhered to.
  • Restaurant: When you promote a restaurant, you promote its brand identity and ethos – not just the amazing food. You should pay importance to the facade of the restaurant and deck it with a creative theme. It’s important to create ambiance and convey the environment within the new restaurant clearly, before it opens. It’s importance to create a demand way before opening.
  • Shops: The construction hoardings of any retail shops hold great importance even in an age of online shopping. It is important to choose bright colours as they make the hoardings look attractive. Informing the customers of the opening date of theoutlet is also prudent.
  • Healthcare Facilities:It’s important to instil a sense of positivity and calm in medical environments. Hospitals can be intimidating places, yet they can bring hope and help so many people; where any development is taking place, it’s prudent to consider designing hoarding rather than greeting patients and visitors with plywood panels.

For expert advice and creativity, engaging with a professional in construction hoarding is essential. Reade Signs is your reliable partner for construction hoarding.

4 Different Types of Hoardings that are Commonly Used

printed hoardings


Hoarding designs are generally printed on ACM (sometimes known as Dibond) panels, which are affixed to the plywood hoarding itself. This is an effective promotional technique where a business can advertise to a mass audience with relatively little effort and maintenance. As hoardings are required for safety purposes anyway, it makes sense to utilise the extensive meterage for marketing too, particularly if you’re keen to sell property off-plan. Using printed hoardings helps to convey messaging without resorting to personalised, hyper-targeted advertising strategies, which can be more costly and come into play later in the sales journey.

If you work with an expert partner, hoardingscan be so much more than powerful advertisements. They also enhance the sense of professionalism and the company’s brand value with site staff, as well-designed hoarding simply makes sites look great.

Light-up signs or LEDs can be used along with the printed hoardings to make the hoardings stand out by night.

Generally, you might find these 4 common hoardings in and around the property.

What are The Different Types of Printed Hoardings?

Construction Hoarding

Surrounding construction sites,these hoardings generally include promotional content, including visualisations of the completed site, who the development is targeted at (E.G. retirement community, family plot) and even recruitment ads for the developers. With such high footfall around many construction sites, it’s an unmissable marketing opportunity for the new development.

Event Hoarding

Event hoardings are commonly found outside or around office buildings or event venues. These custom signs can be installed at any place where an event is taking place. They can also serve as a wayfinding solution, particularly useful at huge venues such as the NEC.

Development Hoardings

The role of developmenthoardings is to promote new developments and hopefully generate off-plan interest. These hoardings are put up to inform potential buyers about the development and enhance brand messaging. They are commonly found adjacent to pathways and busy traffic zones where most people can view them. 3D signs are sometimes used on printed hoardings to garner increased attention.

Retail Hoardings

This type of hoarding is mostly found near retail stores and shopping centres. They may be used for cosmetics, garments or FMCG product promotions. These hoardings are also used as indoor signs to encourage impulse purchases.

Approach Reade Signs for flexible and customised printed hoardings. We can design, produce and install hoardings that exceed your expectations. Check our website for further information.


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