A day of wayfinding in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Wayfinding Signage

David Gerrard recently participated in the Sign Design Society’s trip to Amsterdam which was organised for the Sign Design Society by Sander Baumann from leading wayfinding designers “Designworkplan” in Amsterdam who have implemented innovative wayfinding schemes around the world.

A number of noteable signage projects were visited by the group who were a mix of design professionals and suppliers from the UK and Holland. The day included a visit to the University of Amsterdam’s Special Collections Museum where they were shown iconic book designs and some of the first maps produced in Holland. The group also visited the headquarters of the BNO (Association of Dutch Designers) and listened to informative talks from Sander and some of his associates from the Dutch design fraternity.

It proved to be a great day and a fascinating insight into the art of wayfinding.

New branding ‘stands’ out from the football crowd at The Shots

New branding 'stands' out from the football crowd at The Shots

Reade Signs have been busy upgrading the sponsorship signage throughout Aldershot Town Football Club’s EBB Stadium ready for the first game of the season.

As sponsors of the South Stand, it was a perfect opportunity for Reade to proudly present its rebrand with signage across the length of the stand, and support other sponsors including Eagle Radio, Wellesley Grainger, Muller Milk, Gnergy Ltd, Hi Speed, Knights Foundation, R-Collard and ELM Group. This included a complete rebrand of the Patrons Lounge incorporating branded wallpaper and stunning acrylic signage, bold pitch boards, stand signs and banners.

Now the new football season is in full swing spectators and players alike can enjoy the game surrounded by fresh, clear and excellent signage provided by Reade Signs.


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